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The Target WonderShop is Back! Here is What You Should Buy First According to TargetWhileBlack (TWB)

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

(Please note: By clicking my links you are giving me a variable commission. The links will leave the blog and take you to LTK then Target. Don't worry--Once you are on the Target site you can buy as much as you want and I still get credit. )

Everyone who has come to my page asks me how I got started. Well, I was excited to see Black Santa on the shelves at Target! So, you could say that this time of the year is incredibly important to me and my time to shine! For my TWB Girls: These items are not Black Owned or Founded but they are representative of Black people.

Last year there were a few items that were gone before we could even think about wanting them. I am going to list those items here and also a few new things that I think will be a hot commodity this year. Enjoy!

Black Angels-- This is the number one request from the TWB community. This one will be gone before Black Santa starts checking his list the first time.

Black Nutcrackers--

There are three colors online now and if Target stays true to the holiday season there will soon be a 2022 nutcracker as well!

The Black Santa Advent-- I bought this one in 2020 and have hung it up every year since. My kids love to move the cute little candy cane to the next number. (They like to count up and I prefer to countdown. Which do you do?)

This Santa moves up and down to a cute Christmas tune. He would be adorable on an entry table or under the tree! Purchase Here!

Black Mrs. Claus--

There isn't even anything else to say?

The way Black women support Black Women, it is no wonder Mrs. Clause is the second most asked for item in the TWB community.

Hanging Pre-Lit Animated Musical Santa

This ballerina will sell out the minute everyone realizes it is back online for purchase. So, now! RUN!

Animated Black Ballerina.

Black Santa Climbing the Tree--

Confession I have this one but my mom found a Black Santa with grey hair at Cracker Barrel and that one is dang cute! If I find it again this year I will update this post with that one as an honarable mention!

Animated Black Santa Coming Down Chimney When he comes down the chimney, his feet dangle! This is what I chose for my entry table!

Black Joy Jammies