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RetailWhileBlack TT: 230K 


- 1.1M Post Views last 30 days 

- Audience: 89% Women, 11% Men, 99% United States 

RetailWhileBlack IG: 151K

- Engagement Rate 1.18% 

- Average Reel Plays 12.5K

- Audience: 84% Women, 15% Men, 96% USA, 1% Canada, 1% Jamaica, 1% Mexico 

​TargetWhileBlack IG: 188K

- Engagement Rate 2% 

- Average Reel Plays 31.6K

- Audience: 95% Women, 5% Men, 97% USA, 1% UK, 1% Jamaica, 1% Mexico 


Social Media Audit

Are you a brand wanting to make sure your social pages check all of the boxes for maximum engagement? I can help with that! 

After years of working with both brands and shoppers, I know exactly what to do to maximize the eyes on your products!


What to expect: A review of one for more platforms, in-depth written feedback, suggestions based on industry and goals. 


Please email me directly at to set up a consultation. 

Content Creation

Are you looking for advertisement on my social channels (@retailwhileblack or @targetwhileblack)?

You have definitely come to the right place! First you need to know your goals. Are you looking for sales or awareness? What product do you want me to feature? Do you have any guidelines on what you would like me to say? (i.e. a creative brief) Please email my team at for rates

School Visits and Speaking Opportunities

Please email me with the details of the event including both the date and time.


Are you a CPG brand wanting to create an influencer box, new packaging, end cap, or build out a space for an event? It can be hard knowing where to start to create something memorable and eye catching. But we can help with that! 

What to expect: 

A brief call to discuss your needs

Retail Consultation

Are you a retailer wanting to create a better relationship with your small BIPOC brands? 

Making sure small BIPOC business are successful takes more than shelf space and an accelerator program. Often buyers are too busy to take the time to support. As a result, brands are not successful and it reflects poorly on the retailer with the community they are intending to serve.


 We work hand in hand with major retailers to curate inclusive product offerings that celebrate the rich cultural heritage and innovative creations of BIPOC-owned businesses.

What to expect: 

I will develop customized strategies tailored to your retail needs, ensuring seamless integration of diverse products into your existing inventory while maximizing customer engagement and satisfaction, the power of data analytics and use of my unique retail perspective to identify emerging BIPOC brands, trends, and consumer preferences, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and drive revenue growth, and lastly, a social media cash course teaching new brands how to find their IN-STORE customers. 


 Join us in building a more equitable retail landscape where every entrepreneur has a chance to thrive and every customer feels represented and valued. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a brighter, more inclusive future for retail!

"Target Marketing was not reaching me (a 30 something millennial, middle class, homeowner) until you came along and now I have spent more money than I ever have at Target."

Tina L. (Instagram)

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