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Everything you need to be the host with the most [Black-owned food] this holiday season

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Black-owned products at Target in the grocery section, too! Whether you're hosting or bringing the dessert or alcohol to your auntie's house for the family get-together, get my favorites (and soon-to-be yours too).



Whether you're all about peppermint flavored anything in the winter (or if you like the way it

looks and not how it tastes, like me), Peppermint Mimosas are C U T E. Grab some McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Sparkling Brut White Wine and try it two ways - pair it with peppermint schnapps or keep it classic with sparkling brut and cranberry juice. Hosting tip: dip champagne flutes in melted chocolate, coat with crushed peppermint candy, then fill with your peppermint drink of choice.

If you're trying to keep it simple and classic, try Uncle Nearest- Drink it Neat (only sold at Target Liquors).

Or if fancy drinks are how you get down, make a quick frosé! Blend La Fête du Rosé with peach juice or watermelon juice and ice!

My Texas people looking for sweet wine, you can find Wondry in stores! Outside of Texas, shop at Don't forget to use my code for a discount: TargetWhileBlack.



You need Ellis Isle Tea and Me and the Bees Lemonade - the obvious choice is to mix half and half for an Arnold Palmer.



There's no reason why you can't bring a Black-owned dessert to the function.

Bonus- no baking required!


Sweet Mae's Cookies (OH, IL, and IN only)


Mary Alice Cakes (online only)


Ben and Jerry's X BLK Bold Coffee Collaboration

Creamalicious Ice Cream has four flavors: Aunt Poonies Pound Cake, Porch Light Peach Cobbler, Thick as Thieves Pecan Pie, and Banana Pudding (this flavor is bomb, y'all!).



Mama Laverne's Chicken Seasoning Waffle & Pancake Mix drizzled with Michele's Syrup is the perfect combination for a brunch get-together. Serve it with coffee for everyone - for those like me who like black coffee, I recommend BLK and Bold Smoove Operator. Candied Yams by Ezra Coffee is a must for my sweet coffee lovers.



You have my permission to take a shortcut in the kitchen! Give yourself a break and add these flavors to your menu: Dozen Cousins Rice and Yolélé Fonio Pilaf Jollof. Then, for that friend who doesn't mess with meat, grab a pack of Everything Legendary Plant-Based Burgers and call it done.



Zach and Zoe Honey - Seven unique honey flavors to pair with every meal!

Capital City Mambo - Mild and sweet hot wing sauces... or whatever-you-want-to-use-it-on sauce.

Sienna Sauce- Four sauces for absolutely anything. Available in Texas only. (Use code: TargetWhileBlack on their site for 15% off)



AKA snacks for your guests (or for you to save for yourself and smash after they leave). I recommend Symphony Potato Chips or Pipcorn Cheddar Cheese Balls.



Pair cookies, popcorn, fruit, melted chocolate, and pretzels on a board - it doesn't have to be a bougie wooden plank - use your nicest cutting board or a large plate!


I want to see your TWB-inspired holiday spread! Please tag me on IG @TargetWhileBlack.

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