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Shop These Women-Owned Brands at Target During Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and I’m highlighting some of my favorite Black women-owned brands that you can find at Target. While we celebrate how women have contributed to society, I’m sharing what Black women have contributed to Target shelves. Black women-owned and Black women-founded products are more and more visible in Target and in a lot of stores—you’ve likely picked up some of these items and didn’t even know who created them!

  • Founded by Chantel “MOM” Powell, Creator & CEO

  • Target carries five varieties of deodorant for adults and kids.

  • From the website:

    • Play Pits is a 100% all-natural deodorant, free of aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and other harsh chemicals. Play Pits is a mother's solution to providing a kid-friendly, all-natural hygiene option for youth with active lifestyles. Our brand has found success in transforming a boring product into a fun and exciting experience that kids enjoy and parents greatly appreciate!

  • My pick: Sonshine is my favorite product. It is the kids' version, but I love the way it smells! Additionally, my kids no longer smell like the outside. IYKYK!

  • Founded by Stormi Steele, CEO

  • Target carries: hair follicle booster, edge gel, deep conditioner, shampoo, conditioner, serum

  • From the website:

    • It's important for you to know why CANVAS BEAUTY BRAND exists. I was a suicidal college student when God gave me the vision to create this brand. Transparently speaking, the night before the day I planned to end it all I decided to pick up my bible. I can't remember what I read, but I remember the peace it brought me. That same night I had the dream to start the business. I dropped out of college and everything because I was determined to feel good and bring the vision God gave me to life. So when you see CANVAS, it is important that you know this brand is deeper than vanity. The vision was always greater than that. CANVAS is about BLOSSOMING AND BECOMING the highest version of yourself. The YOU that you were designed to be. I just create top tier high quality products that remind you of that POWER you possess.

  • My pick: The deep conditioner! I love it. I hope I get more of her products near me soon!

  • Founded by Kimelia Weathers Smith, CEO

  • How to play: The rules are simple. Read a trivia question, then hold court as the other players answer secretly and attempt to convince you that they know the correct answer without saying it. To win, be the best at predicting who’s brilliant and who’s just faking it!

  • From the website:

    • We're Kimelia and Nick, the wife and husband duo behind Brilliant or BS? and One and Done. We bonded over a shared Jamaican heritage and a love for competitive game nights with friends and family. Now we’re living the dream of making the type of games that we love to play – party games that reward creativity and quick-thinking. Each game is designed to encourage originality and spark joy through laughter.

  • My pick: My kids love this game. There are a lot of the Black-owned games in Target right now, but mostly geared toward adults, so I was happy they could play. Pro-Tip: Use your accolades to lie! I have two health science degrees and was a teacher for two years. As a result, I mix facts with lies. I have never lost. HAHA!

  • Founded by Kemi Tignor

  • Products at Target: kids' jumbo puzzles, memory games, matching games, flashcards, board game

  • From the site:

    • Founded by a mom who wanted toy options that reflected her son and his wonderfully diverse gaggle of friends, Upbounders® makes premium screen-free toys that represent cultural and ethnic differences accurately, clearly, and with joy!

  • My pick: Kemi puts so many details into her puzzles and games. You truly “see” the Black experience. The barbershop puzzle is my favorite because it has numbers for each haircut, and that made me smile while putting it together. Additionally, there is a board game for kids!

What are your favorite women-owned brands at Target? I want to know! Leave a comment or let me know @TargetWhileBlack.

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