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Cute Valentine's Day Gifts From Black-Owned Companies

Representation has reached Valentine's Day! Retailers are beginning to cater to Black shoppers for other holidays like Christmas, and now Valentine's Day is having its moment. Therefore, spending your dollars in the Black community at stores you already shop at is becoming more and more possible!

Before you shop for your loved ones on February 14, have you heard of Black Love Day?

This February 13 is the 30th Black Love Day, created by author Ayo Handy-Kendi, encouraging people of all races to show love for 24 hours while practicing the five black love tenants: love for themselves, love for their families, love for the black community; and love for the black race. Have you heard of Black Love Day? Learn more here!

  • Black-owned

  • Where to shop this collection: Walmart

Black Paper Party has super cute Valentine’s Day mugs with plushes that are ready to gift, straw cups, and notebooks for the whole family.

Image courtesy of

I’m buying the cards (in-store only!) for my family. Watch me shop the entire collection here! Find them all linked here.

  • Black-owned

  • Where to shop this collection: HomeGoods

If you have kids who need cards for their class exchange or if you’re trying to spread love yourself, grab this adorable card kit in stores only.

Image courtesy of @afrounicorn_official

20ct Exchange Card Kit with Stickers, $5.99.

Whichever you celebrate, I want to know what you purchase! Leave a comment or let me know @RetailWhileBlack.

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