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Black Representation: Barbie Inspiring Women Series

I love Barbie everything. You might think something made by a large corporation like Mattel doesn't belong here. However, in addition to supporting Black-owned or Black-founded products, recognizing black representation is so important. Teams of people of color are in the rooms making decisions about products in large corporations, too. So many creators and designers of color have a part in helpings Brands like Barbie diversify their products.

All that to say, I am here for the Barbie Inspiring Women Series, y'all! I've been excited about this collection, and Women's History Month (March) is the perfect reason to share it with everyone.

The motivation for this collection came from a survey of 8,000 mothers by Barbie. In the survey, 86% of mothers said they were worried about the kind of role models their daughters are exposed to. So Barbie responded by creating a collection of 17 dolls modeled after influential, historical, real women.

The collection includes Ella Fitzgerald, Rosa Parks, Ida B. Wells, Maya Angelou, Madam C.J. Walker, Bessie Coleman, and more women. See the full lineup here. They're also available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Buying a doll from this collection is a great way to introduce Women's History Month to your child (or purchase one for yourself, I won't judge!).

Barbie also has a Shero collection, including Misty Coleman, Ava DuVernay, and Ashley Graham. Shop that collection here!

I have almost all of the dolls. The only one I missed out on is Katherine Johnson, and I am sick about it. She is priced almost four times as much as when I first saw her. I may have to save up to get her one day.

Fun fact: I have a collectible Barbie worth 5k! I found it at a thrift store!

If you're looking for a movie to enjoy with your little Barbie fan (or on your own, again, no judgment), I love Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams on Netflix, and the spin-off show Barbie: It Takes Two. Both are about Brooklyn Barbie and Malibu Barbie as they become friends on their journeys to stardom and learn about each other's families. It's really great, y' daughter and I have watched every Barbie movie/show that has ever come out. It's still one of my favorite ways to bond with her. She will be 13 this year!

Are you into Barbie? Are your kids? Let me know what you think and if you want to see more content like this!

[Madam C.J. Walker; photo courtesy of Mattel Creations]

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