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The first book in the Truth Tales series is written as a hybrid between a graphic novel & chapter book for ages 7-10.


Gabe is your average 9-year-old kid from around the way, but he is about to witness the unimaginable. It was a normal day at school when he lost his last tooth. He knew it meant cash, but it also meant a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Or did it? Wasn't he too old to believe in fairies? With all these questions spinning around in his head, he needed answers and this night was his chance to find out the truth. He just had to catch her first. And when his trap actually worked, Gabe quickly realized things weren't always what they seemed.


Fly through the night with Gabe and The Air Fair-He as they unveil the "dazzling" truth about what happens after you lose a tooth.

Truth Tales: The Air Fair-He

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